Tips for Business Owners

Here are a few simple ways you can improve your business by using the Internet:


If you put in a Television, Radio, Newspaper, or Magazine advertisement, make sure that your web site address is listed in prominent large print, or spoken clearly and distinctly. By listing your website you have extended your 15 second spot, or your 3" x 2" into the equivalent of an hour long infomercial with a full color complete product catalog—your 15 second spot has now obtained however much time the listener is willing to spend browsing, and however much space you need to fully present your message. The cost effectiveness of web space makes this an unbeatable combination!

Remember to have your web address printed on product labels, business cards, pens, matchbooks, or any other promotional merchandise your company utilizes.

Make it pretty, make it big, and make sure it is right.

When you list your website address, be insistent that it is listed correctly. Website addresses cannot include spaces, so typesetting of print advertising needs to follow this rule or else the address will not work. Use lowercase letters for the "www" and the "com" and use Proper Case on the name of your business so that the name is easy to read, for example: looks better than Print the address large enough so that it can be easily read, at least as large as you would print your phone number. Remember, some people have poor eyesight and will have trouble getting to your site if the name is printed too small. If the company putting together your advertisement for you makes a mistake with these requests, treat it the same as you would if they printed an incorrect phone number or address in your ad. You might even go so far as refusing to pay if they wont make it right for you.

Professional Email Communications

Many Internet users are familiar with Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, and Yahoo. These services provide free email addresses to web users. Although this is a valuable service, using one of these addresses, or a local ISP email address, for your business is deemed unprofessional, and lacks the credibility implied in using a "real" email address on your own domain. For example, if your company website is, in order to attain a professional and trusted appearance, you would want to use rather than, or for your business communications. Not only does this improve your image, but it is far easier for people to remember your company name as opposed to remembering your own name as well as that of your email provider. Speak with your hosting provider and have them establish a mailbox on your own domain and assist you in configuring your computer to utilize it. Most professional providers will offer this service free of charge if you are already hosting your site with them.


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