Free Tools for Web Site Owners

If you sign up (it is free), you will gain access to the following free tools for Web Site owners:

• Blog-style Comments for Any Page

With this tool you simply paste a few lines of code into your HTML and you will have an instant comment system on any web page. This is a sure-fire way to increase the level of user participation on your site, especially if your topics have a high level of interest. This system offers "captcha" protection against comment spamming, and includes an optional moderated mode to allow you to preview comments before they are posted to the public. You can choose between regular and compact display, and style it with CSS to match your site. Click for more details:

• Link-Lists for Your Web Site

A simple interface which allows you to add or remove links to your website or blog. This is known in the blogging community as blogrolling, and a list of links to your favorite blogs is known as a blogroll.

• Widgets for Your Site

A humble collection of little things that might be useful. Blinking status indicators, for example.

• ActionTec 701 Watchdog

If you use an ActionTec 701G or 701WG DSL Modem, or any other Telnet-accessible device running BusyBox this tool may be useful for you. It monitors connectivity by rotating pings between six IP addresses of your choice, and when connectivity has been lost it attempts to reboot the device (or execute any command of your choice.)


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